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So many flavors, and any occasion is an appropriate occassion to try them all. Check out our list of past client approved and highly reviewed cake flavor combinations. And don't be shy about requested flavors you don't see. 


Custom cakes are priced individually. Each is based on serving size, flavor and level difficulty and amount of embellishments involved. 

Click here for small dinner party desserts

custom designed (Tiered and Sculpted) Cakes

$5.00 and up for fondant finished cakes

Traditional Dessert Cakes (No design detail)

$30 and up (8 inch round minimum)


$2.50 and up/ minimum 1 dozen

Cake Pops

$2.75 and up/ minimum 1 dozen


Pink Moscato*

Infused with Pink Moscato Champagne, paired with fresh berries and classic vanilla bean butter

Classic vanilla Bean buttercream

flavorful buttery vanilla cake, paired with a creamy vanilla bean buttercream.

Black and White chocolate Chip

Alternate layers of Chocolate chipped White Chocolate and Chocolate cake layers with a rich dark chocolate cream cheese buttercream.

Classic chocolate

layers of light chocolate Buttercream and a rich chocolate fudge. 


Carrot Cake*

Bursting with flavor and finished with our highly reviewed cream cheese buttercream!


White chocolate Raspberry*

White Chocolate cake filled with a white chocolate raspberry buttercream.


Lemon Lavender*

Need we say more? Lemon, lavender, strawberry Marmalade and cream cheese buttercream

Cookies N Cream*

Chocolate Fudge cake with Italian Buttercream loaded with crushed cookies.



Moist coconut-ty layers and cream cheese buttercream. It wouldn't be complete without a flaky coconut coating. 


Strawberry Shortcake

Vanilla cake, Vanilla Buttercream and Fresh Strawberries

Perfect for Summer parties with an option to switch up  or combine berries.


 Definitely our most popular client flavor - especially for the brides! Fragrant Almond Cake layers and White Chocolate Italian Buttercream


Peanut butter

Vanilla Cake with chocolate chips and peanut butter buttercream and chunks of chocolate peanut butter candies.


Red Velvet

Of course, it wouldn't be a Red Velvet Cake with anything but cream cheese buttercream.​



Amaretto Soaked and White  Chocolate buttercream


Chocolate Stout*

Stout infused chocolate layers, Alternated with chocolate and caramel buttercream


Chocolate Kahlua*

Kahlua flavored cake with Brown Sugar Buttercream


Key Lime

Key Lime Pie in the form of a cake



Cream cheese buttercream and strawberries

Pina coloda*

Pineapple, coconut and Dark Spiced rum. Definitely for Adults only

*This is a premium flavor and will increase in cost

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